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Q&A with Alicia Torres

Alicia Torres is Zebra's global practice leader for healthcare. She came to Zebra in February 2012 with extensive healthcare experience, including founded Rosebud Solutions, a healthcare software solutions provider she sold to McKesson in 2008. We talked to Alicia at her home office in Ann Arbor, Mich., to learn more about her contributions to Zebra and what she enjoys doing in her free time.

Q: Alicia, can you tell us what you do as global practice leader? What are your goals and responsibilities?

A: My objectives as global practice leader are to develop the healthcare vertical market strategy, set priorities for execution throughout the regions and product development as it relates to the healthcare market and, ultimately, to help create substantial growth for Zebra. Please see comments in these first two sections on email previously sent.

Q: That sounds easier said than done. How do you go about tackling those goals?

A: What it boils down to for me is research—lots and lots of careful study of research to set the healthcare strategy. We need to start by asking questions like: What are the market drivers? What are the technology trends? What are the global issues effecting healthcare providers – things like aging, decreasing fitness of people, chronic illness. What are the technology trends emerging to help people deal with those issues? This is where we really start to see a place for Zebra with the technologies used to help deliver this care.

Q: And all your research is done on a global level?

A: Initially, yes. But I take the Global Market Sizing and Segmentation Study and drill it down further into each of the regions. From there, I work with the regional teams to narrow it even further, right down to each country within the regions. What are the drivers and the status of technology within the healthcare market of each country? So what we are developing as a team is a regional market plan and a technology plan.

In the regions, we start with the development of a solid understanding of what the market looks like within that region. This is critical because the regions are so large, yet some countries are more technologically advanced than others.  Within the technology plan, we start to look at what we can do within healthcare with our current product line and determine if there is opportunity to create new products to fill specific healthcare market needs.

Q: How does Zebra's Visible Value Chain benefit healthcare organisations?

A: Visibility is essential to a healthcare organisation. Visibility is what leads to superior patient care and it guides patient safety. Without what I call "the ever present barcode," patients are at risk. When a clinician scans the barcode on the patient's wrist and on the medication before administration, the barcode data feeds directly into the patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR). If there is conflict, the clinician will know it—or "see" it rather—and take corrective action before a potential error occurs. Yes, barcoding helps streamline processes and make hospitals more efficient. In this case, the Visible Value Chain can be considered technology for safety's sake.

Q: Now that we know all about what you do as global practice leader, what can you share with us about you outside of your time at Zebra? Any interesting hobbies?

A: I love fishing and travelling! It's a passion I share with my husband, Frank Legacki. He and I enjoy big game fishing and fly fishing. We have a boat in Florida called the Maize and Blue, named so because Frank is a University of Michigan alumnus. Frank is the captain and I'm the mate. I've become an expert at tying the lines, baiting them and getting ready for catching fish! We've fished all over the Florida Keys, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica for sail fish, mahi mahi and marlins. It's a great way to unplug and relax. As for travelling, we love to seek out adventurous places on our own.  We have traveled to Turkey, Tunisia, Croatia and many other places to enrich our lives with historical knowledge and a positive perspective of different cultures and people throughout the world.

Q: And your biggest catch?

A: A 90-pound sail fish! I'm definitely proud of that one!

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