Motorola Solutions Helps VIPshop to Update the Logistics System

Leveraging enterprise mobility solutions, Chinese e-commerce provider increases circulation speed and optimizes customer experience

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014.

Beijing, December 20, 2012 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) has announced that China’s largest online brand-name discount store and largest e-commerce provider in south China, VIPshop, has deployed Motorola Solutions’ Warehouse Management Solution in its warehouses in Kunshan, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

This efficient, accurate and stable solution will speed up logistics and inventory management of VIPshop, and reduce its inventory costs and reduce employee workload.

In terms of more than three-year cooperation with Motorola Solutions, VIPshop will increase operational efficiency, allowing its members to enjoy a faster, more convenient online brand-name discount shopping experience.


  • VIPshop initiated an e-commerce model as “brand-name discount+ flash sale+ quality guarantee”, which accumulated nearly two thousand suppliers. It was an arduous task for warehouse to manage the huge orders from the customers. In the past, inventory of incoming goods, stock taking and shipping were all implemented manually; and the products from different suppliers used different bar codes in the meantime, which created a number of problems, included slow stock taking, informational errors and huge workloads for the warehouse staff. This affected both VIPshop’s overall operation and its customers’ shopping experience.
    • With the industry’s highest bar-code recognition rate, high scanning accuracy, a reliable network, and seamless connectivity between the wireless network and terminal devices, the Warehouse Management Solution from Motorola Solutions was highly recognised by VIPshop, and successfully signed a three year cooperation framework agreement. The solution deployed for VIPshop includes 1280 MC3190s, 120 AP621 wireless access points and 8 RFS6000 wireless switches, covering 100,000 square meters across VIPshop’s four warehouses.
    • With its industry-leading bar-code recognition rate and accuracy, the MC3190 mobile data terminal from Motorola Solutions helps warehouse managers to track inventory in real time for closer control within the realm of unloading dock, the warehouse and the shipping station. As the development of e-commerce, accurate data collection via bar-code scanning can help to tackle the bottleneck and reduce the errors during goods inventory phrase.
    • A wireless network built on the AP621 and RFS6000 product ensures that background stock data is updated in real time, and the inventory handling costs can be reduced. Based on VIPshop’s turnover of goods and the scale of network coverage they require, the Warehouse Management Solution from Motorola Solutions is a seamless solution that helps to reduce transport time, reduce inventory costs, increase the accuracy of product information, and monitor the logistics supply chain in time. This leads to a higher return on investment and concentrates resources to achieve the business’ aim of increasing profits. More importantly, reducing the time that goods are in transit will create more satisfied customers for VIPshop.


Shen Ya, CEO of VIPshop China

“Warehouse construction is a significant part of our business development. At VIPshop, our success is based on the needs of our customers and constantly improving their experience. It not only requires us to continually improve our online shopping environment; but also requires an efficient and accurate warehousing and logistics system at the backend. The proven Warehouse Management Solution from Motorola Solutions helps us to achieve our stated aims of high operational efficiency and accurate management, supporting our “flash sale” business model. In the future we hope to be able to leverage Motorola Solutions’ experience in the retail and logistics fields, along with its vision for the future of retail, to create the best possible online brand-name shopping platform for our customers.”

Jiang Hao, President of Motorola Solutions, China

“E-Commerce is on the rise in China and we are delighted to be able to cooperate with a model e-commerce brand like VIPshop, help them to set up a warehouse which can be monitored in real time. Motorola Solutions has always focused on the changes and developments occurring in different market segments. Based on the experience we have gained in subdivided market segment, and our thorough understanding of our customers’ operations, Motorola Solutions will continue to provide our enterprise customers in China with more end-to-end integrated communications solutions. We believe that VIPshop’s advanced warehouse and logistics experience will become an inspiration for traditional retailers and other up-and-coming e-commerce providers. We look forward to further cooperation with VIPshop.”

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