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Gopi Polavarapu: Senior Director, Product Management, Software and Solutions | Zebra

Senior Director, Product Management, Software and Solutions 

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Gopi Polavarapu, Senior Director of Product Management in Zebra’s Software and Solutions business, is working with customers in the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics sectors to transform and automate workflows leveraging collaboration tools, voice conversational artificial intelligence (AI), task management and workforce management solutions.

In the past, Gopi led the software product management team in Zebra’s Enterprise Mobile Computing business for 5 years and drove the transition of Fortune 500 customers from Windows® Mobile/CE to Android™ Enterprise. Gopi and his team delivered key software solution suites like Mobility DNA, Workforce Connect, Lifeguard, Analytics and operating system (OS) updates.

Prior to joining Zebra, Gopi worked in mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) product development for 15+ years. He has been an active participant in IEEE, GSM-A and CDG (CDMA development group) to drive standards in the telecom industry.

Gopi has an MBA from Cornell University and a Master of Science in Telecommunication from New York University. 

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