James Morley-Smith

James Morley-Smith: EMEA CTO and Director of User Experience

Global Director of User Experience

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As Zebra’s Global Director of User Experience', James helps Zebra and its customers understand the impact that technology has on their business and how technology can and should be leveraged to gain strategic advantage for the future. With the pace of technological change, this role is more important now than ever before.

James has worked at Zebra Technologies for over 18 years [through various acquisitions; Symbol, Motorola and now Zebra]. He started his career with the company as a software developer producing custom solutions for the EMEA market and then went on to create the first ever industrial browser, PocketBrowser including defining the industrial extensions to HTML (EMML) that would be used in all industrial browsers in the enterprise space.

As EMEA CTO James acts as the technology lead in the region representing how industries operate and the needs of the region’s users within the technology office to ensure that products and innovations from Zebra are designed and built with a global voice in mind. James also heads up the global User Experience Design team as part of the Innovation & Design group. The UX team is responsible for defining all aspects of experience within Zebra’s solutions ensuring that productivity and accuracy are always the top priority, differentiating the solutions from consumer applications.

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