Sukhmani Kaur

Sukhmani Kaur, Senior Technical Communications Specialist | Zebra

Senior Technical Communications Specialist

Sukhmani Kaur is currently a Senior Technical Communications Specialist at Zebra where she collaborates with technical engineers and product specialists to translate technical software knowledge into customer-centric user manuals, process documents and videos that support customer success with Zebra software. 

Sukhmani has been with Zebra for over one year, since the acquisition of Reflexis Systems, where she worked for the previous five years.. Prior to that she was a stay-at-home mom for many years. Throughout her career, Sukhmani has worked as a writer with organizations like IBM, IBM Microelectronics and HP, where she created technical, marketing, business and performance improvement materials of all kinds. 

Sukhmani uses her BA in Psychology from Western University, in Canada, to ensure her business success every day, with a firm belief that people are the root of every business success and roadblock. She is very excited to be a key partner on Zebra’s P&S Inclusion Council, where she works with diverse people all over the globe to grow her own business and personal success, and collaborate with others as they do the same.

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