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Solving industry challenges and achieving continuous improvement in manufacturing

Technology that improves real-time visibility into operations is helping to streamline manufacturing from shop floor to top floor.

Learn about some of the ways our innovative barcode, RFID and RTLS technology solutions can help you to achieve lean manufacturing production by illuminating the value chain.


The technology that enables the factory of the future

Modern AIDC technology including barcodes, RFID and RTLS is making lean manufacturing a reality, using the industrial Internet of Things to streamline material flow and eliminate manufacturing errors. Read more about the benefits to manufacturers like you.


Optimising yard management operations

How best-in-class AIDC technology incorporating barcodes, RFID and RTLS helps to improve facility stock management, increase throughput and reduce costs.


Achieving true just-in-time material flow

Existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems don’t always offer the depth of data or functionality to make lean production a reality. Today’s RTLS, RFID tracking and barcode tagging technologies can change that. Read more.


Using just-in-time to improve supply chain performance

How barcode, RFID and RTLS technologies support just-in-time material flow and lean manufacturing production standards.


Integrating AIDC solutions into your processes

Incorporating AIDC into existing ERP or CRM applications gives you the real-time operational visibility that makes the difference to manufacturing production. Read more


Using the cloud and IoT to co-ordinate multi-site manufacturing operations

Harnessing the cloud and the industrial Internet of Things to support better decision-making and continual process improvement.   


These short whitepapers extend and complement the Zebra/IDC whitepaper ‘Achieving Operational Excellence with Real-Time Plant Floor Visibility’. You can download this whitepaper here.

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Engineering-Oriented Value Chain

In this whitepaper we provide an outline of the major survey results for professionals in this industry sector seeking to achieve real-time plant floor visibility in their current business environment. Download this whitepaper here.

Towards Real-Time Plant Floor Visibility: a View from Various Manufacturing Sectors

In this whitepaper we describe how achieving plant floor visibility is becoming a central strategy for manufacturers, and outlines the journey different sectors are taking to move towards this target. Download this whitepaper here .