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With more mobile devices in the world than people, the ability to stay connected at all times through wireless networks is increasingly seen as essential to everyday life and business. At Zebra we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer full enterprise mobility solutions to any size of business based on robust, secure and flexible wireless networks.

Access is everything. And everything works better, when everything connects. And everything connects with Zebra wireless.

A is for Access – to people and information across devices and locations, all of the time.

Z is for Zebra Wireless – the most complete range of wireless solutions for your business.

Everything in-between, we make simple and smart.

Why Zebra?
Because we know wireless

When it comes to wireless, there’s no one better than Zebra. Our people pioneered 802.11ac wireless technology through Symbol, and continue to optimize its capabilities. Along the way, our teams created many ground-breaking solutions and key industry innovations, keeping us one step ahead of the competition.

Zebra wireless beats at the very heart of our business. From RFID shelf labels and handheld computers, mobile printers and scanners, to Bluetooth location technology and modular APs, we provide the power behind the world’s most advanced wireless networks. We make wireless work.

How We Make Wireless Work for You

No matter what business you’re in, your business runs on information

Access is everything. And everything works better, when everything connects. And everything connects with Zebra wireless.

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Time to refresh your wireless structure?

Zebra Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate wireless LAN refresh plans in the industries of retail, transportation and logistics, and hospitality.  The study found nearly half of companies in Wi-Fi-intensive industries reported “overwhelmed” wireless infrastructures. Also, more than half (53 percent) of surveyed companies in these sectors are planning to refresh their wireless infrastructure within the next 12 months, anticipating even greater pressure on their systems due to new devices and services coming online.

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