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Provide visibility to your inventory and assets

In the business of transportation and logistics, small improvements in areas such as package accuracy and turnaround time can net important financial returns – so communications can’t fail. With an intelligent and self-optimizing network, you can deliver reliable communication and information access anywhere.

How to make your wireless networks industrial strength

A practical guide to understanding the fundamental requirements for reliable, high-performance industrial wireless networks.

Stay Connected Wherever You Work

Outdoor environments can be very challenging for any business. When your productivity depends on can’t miss connectivity you need a wireless network that’s built with extreme conditions in mind. Find out more about the expectations and challenges of providing connectivity to users in extreme temperatures and various ports, yards, docks and warehouses.

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Keeping ships moving by providing uninterrupted, reliable coverage

Learn how Zebra’s powerful outdoor WLAN solution eliminated dead spots at the Nassau Container Port so that workers can safely and efficiently manage port terminal traffic.


Zebra’s newly commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found nearly half of surveyed companies reported “overwhelmed” wireless infrastructures. More than half (60 percent) of T&L companies are planning to refresh their wireless infrastructure within the next 12 months, anticipating even greater pressure on their systems due to new devices.

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Over the years, our customers have benefited from enterprise-grade wireless at substantial savings. Take just a few minutes to use our calculator and estimate the total savings we can offer your company.

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