Employee in a warehouse scanning an item using a Zebra device.

Equip Your Warehouse With the Leading Enterprise Android™ Warehouse Devices

Zebra offers a comprehensive, industry-leading warehouse portfolio, providing all the hardware, software and services needed to successfully modernize your operations.

Move the Productivity Needle with Zebra’s Android Warehouse Portfolio

Accelerate E-commerce and Delivery Demands

  • Simultaneously capture multiple barcodes
  • Cut out multiple keys for a single entry
  • Get maximum memory and processing speeds
  • Unify teams with push to talk
  • Rapidly stage and deploy devices

Work Uninterrupted for Unmatched Productivity

  • Know in advance when batteries need to be recharged or replaced
  • Diagnose and fix common mobile computer errors on the spot
  • Prevent threats that can wreak havoc on daily operations; extend security support up to seven years—the full life cycle of your device

Lift Accuracy Rates and Customer Satisfaction

  • Scan any barcode, any condition, the first time, every time
  • Reduce false keystrokes with a bigger display and friendlier UX
  • Validate order picking with images

Flex to Accommodate Peak Seasons and Temporary Workers

  • Improve training time; workers like and know how to use Android
  • Offer intuitive visual instructions to increase item-level picking
  • Offer all-day comfort with ergonomic devices

Choose From the Widest Array of Zebra Rugged Android Warehouse Devices

Exel Logistics Improves Productivity with the TC8000

Exel Logistics' employees praise the TC8000 for its intuitive Android touch screen, ergonomics and fast scanning.

Learn How Zebra's Android Technology Can Enhance Your Warehouse Operations

Understand the four changes the warehousing industry can't avoid.

Get the expertise you need on Android migration.

Built-in intelligence gives your warehouse devices exponential power.