Modernize with Android™

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Modernize Your Warehouse with Android

Considerations for a Swift, Smooth Migration

We get it. A lot is riding on making the right migration decisions. That’s why we cover the topic from all angles in these must-see videos. Zebra is the industry leader in the Android mobile computing market. You can rely on our expertise to craft a solid plan moving forward.

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Understand why now is the time to move to Android™

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Learn Google’s plans for Android for the enterprise market

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See how Zebra supports Android for enterprise-grade security

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Explore your migration options

Accelerate Migration with Zebra's Application Services

Let Us Transform Legacy Mobile Apps

Approximate timeline: a few months

  • Enjoy functional parity
  • Optimize the user experience while maintaining existing systems
  • Stay on green screen terminal emulation
  • Move to graphic user interface at your own pace
  • Accelerate timelines, reduce costs, lower risks

Leave the Rewriting to Us

Approximate timeline: 6-12 months, depending on the application

  • Optimize for the next generation
  • Create mobility road map strategy—future-proof apps and architecture
  • Boost productivity with modern workflow and user interface
  • Experience performance improvements with modern mobile architecture
  • Tighten security and control and simplify management with Mobility DNA
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Can Your Operations Keep Pace?

Legacy mobile devices aren’t designed to serve the modern warehouse. But our Zebra Android devices are built to keep pace with today’s increasing demands of e-commerce.

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Migration Made Easy

Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE), powered by Ivanti, allows you to migrate your TE apps at your own pace.

Learn How Zebra's Android Technology Can Enhance Your Warehouse Operations

Understand the four changes the warehousing industry can't avoid.

Move the productivity needle with Zebra’s Android warehouse portfolio.

Built-in intelligence gives your warehouse devices exponential power.