Healthcare Visibility and Intelligence

Healthcare Visibility

With Your Finger on the Pulse of Technology,
You See Everything

Zebra provides the visibility that lets you see into every aspect of your health facility — and the patient journey. Only with our visionary, end-to-end positive patient ID, clinical mobility and healthcare intelligence solutions can you best enhance patient safety, the productivity of your staff members and the efficiency of your operations.

Identity: Positive Patient ID for Accurate Patient Identification and Care

Improving patient care and accuracy is a result of caregivers' attention to detail. From admission to discharge, patient safety requires accurate patient identification throughout the patient's journey. Zebra's positive patient ID solution minimizes errors — enabling medical personnel to deliver the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. Every time.



HC100 Wristband Printer

CS4070-HC Companion Scanner

Z-Band Ultrasoft Wristbands

Mobility: Improve Staff Productivity Through Connectivity and Instant Collaboration

Zebra's clinical mobility solutions allow healthcare providers to bring instantaneous, collaborative care to a patient's bedside. Our Innovative purpose designed mobile computing devices consolidate disparate work tools, systems and processes together, and allow caregivers to spend their time where it matters: with the patient.



MC40-HC Mobile Computer

Workforce Connect

Intelligence: Increase Operational Efficiency With Real-Time Products, Software and Solutions

Zebra’s visionary products, software and real-time location solutions not only make patient care smarter and more connected than ever, they also reduce waste and lower costs. Visibility into the location and health of patients, staff and each critical asset provides the difference between guessing and knowing. Ensure your caregivers make intelligent decisions and act with confidence.



FX7500 RFID Reader

ZD500R Desktop Printer



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