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Where It Works

How You Can Put the TC25 to Work

When you go to work, you need a smartphone that can handle the demands of your job site and has the features you need to make your job a little easier. Whether you work in a trade, as a courier or in the field, the TC25 Rugged Smartphone is built to be a device you can depend on. Here’s a few ways the TC25 can help you in your day-to-day.


Whether you fix it, build it or install it, you need to get your job done. The Zebra TC25 Rugged Smartphone can help. Designed to handle the harsh environmental demands of a worksite, the TC25 can manage your schedule, navigate you to your next job and much more.

TC25 Smartphone screen showing bright in outdoor setting
Scanning Parts

If you use a lot of parts in your work, you know how hard it can be to keep track of them all. The TC25 allows you to track barcoded assets, enabling you to pull information about the quantity or location of the part you need in a single scan.


Paper schedules can get lost or damaged, or even entered incorrectly. When you move your calendar to your TC25, your schedule is backed up and the electronic scheduling process makes it harder to make scheduling mistakes like double booking.

A tradesman checking a map on his TC25 smartphone

Getting the job done is no problem for you, but getting there is another story. Taking one wrong turn can lead to delays and an unhappy client. With maps through Google Mobile Services, you can stay up to date on the latest routes and traffic, so you’re always on time.

Access to digital manuals

You can’t reference a manual you forgot to bring. With the TC25, you can store every manual you’d ever need to reference right on your device, so the answers you need are always at hand.

A man talking on his TC25

The TC25 makes coordinating with colleagues easy. Get the information you need anytime and anywhere with the TC25’s fast, dependable wireless connection and instant push-to-talk capabilities.

Courier / Postal

When you’re responsible for making dozens and dozens of deliveries every day, you need a smartphone that won’t slow you down. You need the TC25 Rugged Smartphone. With features that enable proof of delivery, barcode scanning, navigation and more, the TC25 delivers the performance and productivity couriers need.

A worker confirming package delivery with a Zebra TC25
Proof of Delivery

Pen and paper proof of delivery systems leave a lot to be desired. They can be damaged, and they take too long to enter into the backend system. With the TC25, you can scan the parcel barcode and have the customer sign for it, all while the delivery is automatically confirmed in the backend system. You can even take a picture of the package at its delivery location for added proof.

Scanning Barcodes

Scanning packages takes forever with a regular smartphone camera. Since smartphones aren’t built for scanning, it’s awkward to hold and not intuitive to use. The TC25 has a built-in barcode scanner that makes scanning quick, easy and accurate.

A courier talking on his TC25 smartphone

Making the delivery is easy. Finding your way to the delivery location? Not so much. With the TC25, Google Mobile Services gives you maps, making it simple to find the fastest route to wherever you need to go with the latest traffic data.


When you’re constantly on the move, you need to be constantly connected. The TC25 gives you a fast, reliable connection and push-to-talk communication, so you can always get the information you need, inside and outside the four walls.

Field Service

In the field, you’re on your own. You need a device that can handle the demands of your job. The TC25 Rugged Smartphone is made with work in mind. It’s designed to keep you in contact with your team, make updating your inventory easy and get you wherever you need to go.

A TC25 screen shining brightly in outdoor setting
Inventory Management

If you don't have a way of tracking your inventory automatically, your count could be incorrect, leading to all kinds of headaches. The TC25 allows you to easily and automatically update your backend system with the latest inventory simply by scanning barcodes, keeping your counts up to date and your customers happy.


If you’re in the field, you need to be in contact with your colleagues and your backend systems. The TC25 gives you all the voice and data connectivity you need, delivering reliable connectivity in the field and at your operations hub.

A TC25 in a holster on a delivery man's belt

Getting lost or taking routes with heavy traffic is a recipe for delays and customer dissatisfaction. The TC25 keeps you moving in the right direction with maps from Google Mobile Services. With the fastest routes and the latest traffic data always on hand, delays will be a thing of the past.

Pre-Sales / Merchandising / Proof of Delivery

Get everything you need to close sales, collect competitive information and confirm deliveries, all in one device. With the TC25 you can easily check your inventory and pricing, capture signatures and submit orders all in real time, boosting productivity and increasing shop manager satisfaction.

A tradesman with his TC25 smartphone
Lone Worker Safety

If you fall or injure yourself while working on your own, it could be a long time before you get the help you need. With the TC25, your office will get updated immediately in the event of a fall, allowing them to alert emergency services to your location if you need assistance.