Independent Hardware Vendor Programme

Zebra Technologies Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) Programme

Third Party Accessory Certification Programme

Zebra Technologies facilitates end-to-end solutions through the Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) Programme, which brings Zebra Technologies mobile computers together with accessories from third-party vendors.

Companies participating in the programme offer components — such as cradles, cables, industrial–grade flash memory cards, passport readers and more — that complement Zebra Technologies mobile computing products. These components help enhance or extend enterprise mobility solutions to meet application-specific needs, in an effort to ensure that Zebra Technologies and its channel partners continue to bring customers the most advanced and comprehensive mobile computing solutions available.

Each third-party IHV component is assessed by Zebra Technologies' engineering team in an effort to confirm seamless operation with specific Zebra mobile computers and receives one of the following IHV Programme designations:


Zebra Technologies Validated accessories pass a further level of testing beyond compatibility. Zebra Technologies' validation testing reviews whether the applicable accessory meets its own specifications and has obtained regulatory approvals commonly required for such products. Zebra Technologies provides customers with Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for these products.

Zebra Technologies Compatible accessories are thoroughly tested by participating vendors for interface requirement compliance and functionality to help ensure they do not hinder the performance of the applicable mobile computer.


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