Tablet Power Supplies

Improve performance and ensure continuous use of your tablet

Tablet Batteries

These power supplies will power your tablet and charge the battery.

Power Supplies
Power Supply for Four-slot Battery Charger

Power supply for four-slot battery charger (SAC9000-4000R and UBC2000-I500DES); works with DC line cord (25-72614-01R). Must purchase country-specific three-wire grounded AC line cord separately.

50-1400-1008R Product Photo on White Background
Power Supply (PWRS-14000-241R)

100-240VAC, 12VDC, 9A, provides power to the four-slot charge only and Ethernet cradles. Requires country-specific, three-wire grounded AC line cord, sold separately.

50-1400-1004R Product Photo on White Background