AP 8232 WLAN Access Point

Get Snap-on Versatility and High Performance Agility with the AP 8232 

Support the performance demands of your busy network with dual radio 802.11ac with channel agility that maximizes performance to accommodate a wide range of client devices with mixed capabilities. Snap-on expandability allows you to add up to two modules to the base for added flexibility, such as environmental applications and security features.


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  • The AP 8232 is Designed for Versatility

    The modular architecture of the AP 8232 allows you to add new capabilities by simply snapping on up to two modules to the base. This plug-and-play experience includes security to maintain an intrusion-free network and compliance with government regulations in industries such as healthcare and financial services. Add-ons also assist with environmental issues, such as energy usage.

  • Voice, Locationing and Guest Access

    The AP 8232 supports Voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) quality of service (QoS), providing toll-quality even with many simultaneous calls on a single access point. In addition, you can leverage locationing services to locate and track people and assets, as well as control network and application access.

  • Build Temporary Networks with Confidence

    The AP 8232 is easy to install and maintain for short-term use. With its enhanced security features and versatile add-ons, this is an ideal solution for construction sites, temporary network access points, or mobile public health facilities.