Network Visibility

Greater Awareness For Greater Wireless Performance


Effective Network Monitoring and Management

Today, so much of business runs on wireless LAN – from providing essential network connectivity and capacity for associate handhelds to enabling guest access and accommodating other business critical devices and applications. While demand for wireless LAN has increased significantly, IT has become leaner. With enterprises more distributed today than ever before, IT staff at corporate headquarters is required to manage branch networks remotely.

As a result, enterprises could find their wireless LAN becoming more complex and difficult to manage. This only augments the importance of continuous monitoring so as to understand usage patterns and plan network expansion.

To answer this growing need, Zebra has developed Zebra NSightTM , an exceptionally responsive and easy-to-use advanced network visibility, service assurance and analytics platform. Zebra is redefining the way distributed enterprise networks are managed by providing administrators with the ability to visualize the network at every level—aggregate views and insight spanning all sites, device and user levels, including visibility into applications being used.




Features and Benefits


  • Quickly access - with only two clicks - network visualizations which present all the information administrators require
  • View the network at every level, whether it be to aggregate information of a site or to see the number of users connected, their usage, throughput, and application usage
  • Diagnose issues by drilling deeper to an access point or client device to look at throughput, RF parameters and statistics, such as channel utilisation, error rates, and retry rates


  • Track all your devices, clients, and rogue APs from the purpose-built monitor interfaces. Should you need more information, you can drill down and obtain the finest granular view of the device or client
  • Visualize your network using the floor map tool. You can also display all the clients which are associated with the access points and view the details of each client, its connection parameters, and performance


  • Administrators can create custom dashboard views of analytics based on the users’ organisation roles, such as Helpdesk, Network Administrator, and CIO
  • Tailor dashboards for the Helpdesk team, which are relevant for your deployment and the process you follow
  • Build custom dashboards that meet the analytics and forecasting requirements of CIOs and IS Managers


  • With the addition of Zebra NSight to your WiNG network, you gain simplicity in monitoring and troubleshooting which is distributed across your entire network and viewable from a single-pane-of-glass



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Network Visibility and Advance Troubleshooting

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Network Visibility and Predictive
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