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Your store can do more with 2D Imaging

Capture key data and maximise efficiency in your stores and supply chain

From the point of sale to the warehouse, the retail environment demands expedient, accurate data capture. An upgrade to 2D imaging technology can potentially transform the customer experience, improve overall productivity and maximise supply chain efficiency with the following benefits: 

maximise Mobile Coupons

Today’s tech-savvy shoppers expect to find discounts online in the form of mobile coupons—that can only be read by an imager.

Reward Loyal Customers via App

Apps can track purchases and reward customers for their loyalty. Help them redeem awards by scanning codes off their mobile device.

Capture Multiple Barcodes at Once

Retailers are able to extract the UPC, manufacturing date and serial number from an item with one trigger pull, which can improve records and better serve customers.

Collect Driver's licence Info

Autopopulate forms for credit card and loyalty card applications, manage sale of age-restricted goods and and flag serial returners by scanning the PDF417 code on the back of most licences.

Record Images and Signatures

There are certain scenarios where a retailer can use a 2D imager to take a picture of an item, a person, a document or a signature.

Accept Mobile Payments

Some stores enable customers to upload their gift card on their mobile app and then use that card as a way to pay for purchases.

Use Optical Character Recognition

Businesses that have invoices with names and account numbers in OCR fonts can use imagers to decode information and send it to an application.


PDF417 (top) and QR Code (bottom)
Note: Sample barcodes, not for scanning

2D Barcodes Add Another Dimension to Data Collection

PDF417 and QR codes are commonly used symbologies in the retail industry. If you're only able to capture 1D barcodes, you're missing out on opportunities learn more about your customers and boost efficiency.

Top Imagers for Retail 

DS2200 Series zebra ds2200 imager

Handheld 1D/2D corded or cordless imager

DS8100 Series zebra ds8100 imager

Handheld 1D/2D corded or cordless imager

DS9808 zebra ds9808 imager

Hybrid handheld/hands-free imager

MP6000 zebra mp6000 imager

Multi-plane bioptic imager

DS4308 zebra ds4308 imager

Handheld corded imager

DS4800 zebra ds4800 imager

customisable imager

DS6878 zebra ds6878 imager

Cordless Bluetooth 2D imager

CS4070 zebra ds4070 imager

Companion imager


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