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Symbol AppCenter

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Businesses provide workers with mobile computers to enhance productivity and automate business processes. But those devices can distract workers from the task at hand by giving them the capability to playing computer games, surf the web or access device functions for personal use. To combat this, Zebra has teamed up with Odyssey Software to provide Symbol AppCenter — a fully configurable, stand-alone, lockdown solution that provides you with complete control over device applications and functionality. With this software utility, you can help protect productivity and profitability by preventing unauthorised device usage.

Questions about the Symbol AppCenter?

  • Device Functionality Control

    The Symbol AppCenter enables authorisation and restriction of functions as required for different workgroups and individuals. The task bar icon control enables display of important status icons even when the Start Menu is suppressed.

  • Active Device Monitoring

    Immediately close down any unauthorised application upon launch, while the setting and configuration lockdown reduces the volume of help desk calls.

  • Auto-Launch at Startup of Approved Applications

    Features that simplify deployment of devices for single-task use. Application control helps ensure access to company approved business applications only.

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