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If you’re currently using TekTerm software in your warehouse operations, TekTerm for Android enables you to seamlessly migrate to Zebra’s latest Android-based handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers. You can modernise your operations with the power of Android and the latest feature-rich devices — without disrupting your current processes.

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  • Easy Migration from TekTerm

    Customers using TekTerm software on the XT15, VH10 or other legacy Zebra device can migrate TE app to Zebra’s latest Android devices like the MC9300 or VC80x via TekTerm for Android – without modifying their backend systems.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    A single server handles everything you need to support your warehouse TE apps, so your IT department won’t have to worry about supporting multiple servers that may not even be in the same location. And setup is easy — it can be completed in minutes, without any disruption to current business processes.

  • Unmatched TE Speed and Productivity

    With its unique architecture, TekTerm for Android offers an incredibly efficient TE solution. And with built-in session persistence, dropped or lost sessions are eliminated, maximising device availability, device uptime and workforce productivity.

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