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Blood Bag Parse+

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Instantly Process Barcode Data on Blood Bags to Protect Patient Safety and Increase Productivity

Every day, blood products such as whole blood, red blood cells, plasma and platelets save lives. Whether your hospital, blood bank or clinic collects, transports, stores, processes or administers blood products, the many barcodes on each bag must be scanned at every stop in the supply chain to ensure the safety of these lifesaving products. Now, you can instantly capture, parse and transmit the data on blood bags right to your application, all with a single scan.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Automatically Capture and Parse Barcoded Data

    Blood Bag Parse+ makes it easy to capture all the data required on every blood bag — from blood type and date of donation to donation location, expiration date and more. One trigger pull captures it all — up to seven barcodes — automatically parsing the data and sending it in the proper order to your backend hospital, clinic or lab enterprise system.

  • Configuration That as Easy as 1-2-3

    Configuring your Zebra scanner to capture the barcodes you need is simple with our friendly 123Scan configuration tool. So intuitive that even first-time users can successfully generate a parsing rule that captures all the barcodes you need, and then sends the data directly to your application, in the order required.

  • Keep Patients Safe with Complete Traceability

    With instant visibility into a wealth of information about the blood products in your organisation, clinicians can ensure the right blood is about to be administered to the right patient and expired or recalled blood products can be easily identified and instantly removed from inventory before they are mistakenly administered.

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