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Intelligent Document Capture

Intelligent Document Capture scanner software

Fast and Easy Image Capture with Your Zebra Scanner

Now, there’s a smarter, simpler way to capture images and documents than using a flatbed scanner. In a single step, Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) not only takes a digital image of your documents, it also automatically enhances it and decodes any of its associated barcodes. Faster, easier and cost-effective – those are but a few of the rich benefits of going digital with IDC.

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  • Easy to Use

    Point and shoot. That’s how easy Intelligent Document Capture is. Unlike flatbed scanners, there’s no need to adjust documents or tonality. IDC automatically detects the document’s borders, properly orienting, de-skewing and brightening the image for picture-perfect results.

  • Get More Done With Less Expense

    Recoup money, space and effort spent on a flatbed scanner. In a single trigger pull, your Zebra imager can capture your full-page documents – a feature exclusive to Zebra – and optimize the images as well as process any associated barcodes.

  • Digitize Documents

    Modernize your operations for deep savings and faster workflows. With IDC, you can quickly digitize files that would have otherwise cost you time and money to manage. By capturing them electronically, you make them easier to save and share.

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