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Preferred Symbol

Preferred Symbol scanner software

Single Out One Barcode From the Rest

If you’re in the habit of covering barcodes to scan just the one you want, you will appreciate Preferred Symbol. This time-saving functionality automatically detects the barcode you need and excludes the rest. No need to fiddle with post-it pads or fret about mistakes. Preferred Symbol gives you an easy and accurate way to prioritise the barcode of your choice. Simply configure your scanner to automatically decode and output only your preferred symbol.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Single Out One Barcode Among Many

    Make efficiency a priority and the need to cover up ancillary barcodes obsolete. With Preferred Symbol, you can configure your scanner to capture and output a specific barcode within its field of view. Using your own application, you can even specify a different barcode for each input screen to significantly speed up scanning.

  • Reduce Mistakes and Delays

    Why risk errors and delays common to manually covering up and scanning barcodes? Preferred Symbol automatically ensures the right barcode is selected, making data capturing faster and more accurate.

  • Simple to programme

    Programming is effortless when you use our highly intuitive 123Scan wizard. Let it guide you through the process of configuring your data capture device, including Preferred Symbol.

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