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PRZM Intelligent Imaging Platform

Zebra PRZM Intelligent Imaging Platform

Get the Ultimate in Imaging Performance

What happens when you combine intelligent imaging hardware, software and optics? You get processing speeds, distance and efficiency that outperform the competition, hands down. That’s the unmatched power of the PRZM Intelligent Imaging Platform. Experience farther, faster, smarter imaging that can heighten productivity, slash expenses and forever change the user experience.

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  • Superior Performance

    Give your workers the ability to capture virtually any type of data in any condition, the first time, every time – and do so at record speeds and distances. PRZM’s patented intelligence deciphers inferior quality data, dramatically accelerates decoding processes and lengthens scanning capabilities.

  • Lower Costs

    Reduce expenses with the technology that reduces power consumption and repairs. PRZM technology scans up to 56 percent more barcodes per battery cycle than the competition*, helping lower electricity bills. Since there is minimal wear and tear on the scanner, there is less risk of costly repairs.

    *Zebra’s 3600 Series scanners decode up to 56 percent more scans per battery cycle than the competition.

  • Ready For Tomorrow

    Today, you’re capturing 1D and 2D barcodes, Digimarcs, mobile barcodes, OCR, PDF417, images, signatures and documents. Tomorrow, who knows? The good news is PRZM is constantly evolving to prepare you for what’s next.

The Enterprise Features You Need

Innovative Software for Zebra Devices

  • Mobility DNA

    Mobility DNA is Zebra's unique software ecosystem that transforms Android™ to give our mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities.

    Mobility DNA

  • DataCapture DNA

    DataCapture DNA scanning software helps make Zebra data capture devices the best in the industry and the easiest to use.

    DataCapture DNA

  • Print DNA

    Print DNA printer software applications create high-performing, remotely manageable printers that are easy to integrate.

    Print DNA