Network Design Software

Zebra offers two robust planning tools to help you maximize the performance of your indoor and outdoor wireless LAN networks while minimizing infrastructure costs: LANPlanner and Outdoor Planner. Available as a cloud-based solution or as a software application running on your laptop, these tools factor in the unique challenges of the different environments. Both tools allow you to account for the number of users, the deployment environment, the technologies to be installed and the applications that will be in use,  including wireless voice-over-IP. And with its highly intuitive 3D interface, it's easy to rapidly plan and design robust 802.11a/b/g/n/ac networks that can handle the most demanding applications in the most challenging environments as well as measure current network performance.

The result? The costly trial and error that is common in WLAN planning phases is eliminated, allowing you to plan and deploy a high-performance wireless network in record time.

Network Design Software

LanPlanner Software

Simulate network activity, optimise equipment configuration, and perform site surveys for 802.11 Wi-Fi networks


Drive your network area to automatically create a digital elevation that includes buildings, water, trees, foliage and the terrain in your environment.