Complex environmental factors and outdoor obstacles can make designing and deploying outdoor wireless Wi-Fi networks difficult, time consuming and expensive. But OutdoorPlanner makes it easy. Now, you can design robust outdoor networks with confidence — and deploy them with maximum efficiency.

Highly accurate mapping data and RF predictive engine allows you to predict how the environment will impact the network, while the comprehensive tool set heavily automates the entire process — from design to deployment. As a result, you can easy create high performance outdoor Wi-Fi networks that provide the quality of service every user needs for every application — in record time.



  • Accommodates any environment and any size network.
  • Enables planning for sufficient signal coverage and network capacity
  • Factors in the number of users, types of technology, applications and every aspect of your geography with the advanced RF prediction engine — including dense foliage, buildings, trees, water, hills and more.
  • Accommodates many different types of mapping data, including Google Earth maps, satellite images, an AutoCAD drawing or a scanned image.
  • Provides an intuitive 3-D visualization of the network, complete with signal strength heatmaps.
  • Enables collection of highly accurate interference information through GPS-driven site survey, an OutdoorPlanner feature. Simply plan your driving route. As you drive the route with OutdoorPlanner running on a laptop, it detects and collects noise and interference information in real time. And if driving the route isn’t feasible, default interference information is also available.
  • Easily run what-if scenarios, allowing you to create a proactive network design that can maintain performance levels, even if a node fails.
  • Provides a detailed list of required equipment.
  • Provides detailed instructions for the deployment of every piece of equipment in the network — including location and configuration.
  • Real-time feedback loop verifies the performance of every piece of equipment as it is installed, enabling real-time adjustments during deployment.
  • Monitor ongoing network performance with real-time heat maps.


  • Get outdoor networks up and running faster.
  • Substantially reduces time and cost associated with the design and deployment of outdoor WiFi networks.
  • Removes the complexity, uncertainty and risks associated with designing and deploying outdoor networks.
  • Proactively identify and address developing network issues before they impact network performance and worker productivity.

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