AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions

The Zebra AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions offer a unique set of tools for vendor agnostic, WLAN performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting of RF problems. Remote sensors or access points continuously monitor the airwaves. Zebra analyzes traffic flow to interpret WLAN performance and to identify common characteristics that may impede network performance such as interference from neighboring WLANs, channel overlap, over-utilized APs & channels, network congestion, and performance degradation. By providing a view of all WLAN traffic, the Network Assurance tools enable network administrators to remotely troubleshoot performance problems, monitor network availability, and remedy policy violations.



Remote Troubleshooting
Identify and troubleshoot wireless issues remotely.

Policy Enforcement
Performance policy feature allows organisations to define and monitor specific wireless network metrics and proactively resolve network issues.

Analysis of Wireless Client Connectivity
Quickly and remotely analyze and identify client issues including device level problems, wireless network availability, wireless network or client configuration, and wired network connectivity issues.

Access Connectivity Testing
Remote testing of network connectivity from the perspective of a wireless station. By utilising the radio of the wireless sensor to simulate a wireless client station, true end-to-end network testing can verify all aspects of the wireless application’s data path.

Interference Detection
Identify and classify possible sources of interference such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones and view the impact to the network.

Forensic Analysis
Administrators can rewind and review minute-by-minute records of connectivity and communication with the network. Research and investigate network events in minutes instead of hours.

Network Visualizations
Remotely assess wireless coverage and view real time visualizations to ensure reliability of the WLAN. Also visualize RF signal propagation and application coverage for predictive planning.

Reporting Tools
Analyze network trends and historical performance policy violations through stock and custom reports. With this feature network administrators have access to 1000s of metrics and data for historical analysis.

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