Proximity Awareness and WI-FI Analytics Software

Interact with Wi-Fi to engage your customers, improve service, optimise facility design, maximize resource utilisation and sharpen insights. Zebra Technology's Proximity Awareness and Analytics uses data from your WLAN network to boost your business performance by improving awareness of customer presence, identifying trends, speeding responses and increasing the frequency and quality of customer interactions.



Zebra's Proximity Awareness and Analytics software module allows enterprises to detect, analyze and act on location information from Wi-Fi devices. Leveraging our industry-leading WLAN network services platform with its centralized architecture, best-in-class RF analysis, strong forensics capabilities and superior visualization technologies, we deliver analytics which can be used to improve in-store engagement and drive conversions. Our solution enables four key functions:

Identifies customer proximity and supports interaction using rule-based push-to-deliver benefits like personalised messages, coupons or assistance.

Wi-Fi Analytics 
Provides customer insight with detailed statistics about customer activity (per store visit time, repeat customers, total customers in store, demographic profiles) and supporting programmes to improve the customer experience

Allows target zone definition which supports capabilities like tailored assistance or zone-specific offers

Historic Location Analysis
Allows tracking of Wi-Fi device location and path over time. This supports optimization of an enterprise environment, a retail store for example, to minimize congestion and improve product placement.

An open API allows sharing of analytics data with third-party applications, creating a vendor-agnostic environment for development and delivery of location-based services which add value, improve service and build loyalty.

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