Secure Access Enrolment Server

Providing guest access is desirable; provisioning guest accounts is frustrating. Secure Access Enrolment Server simplifies employee BYOD and guest on-boarding by automatically moving guests to an encrypted WPA2-Enterprise wireless network without the need to provision an account and generate yet another set of credentials. Guests can also authenticate via external sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, eliminating the need for separately provisioning guests.



Extend standards-based wireless security to personal devices in a self-service manner without the need for IT assistance

Reduce burden on IT staff
By providing a self-serve way to on-board guests, your IT staff is free to focus on business-critical projects.

Support for multiple devices and OS platforms
Secure Access Enrolment Server supports a wide range of devices and OS platforms common to BYOD environments.

Give network administrators control
By blending the best of traditional policies, like Active Directory and Microsoft CA integration, your network administrators are in control.

Integration with social media identity services
With the ability to authenticate via external sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, you eliminate the need for separately provisioning guests.

Differential access to your network for guests, contractors and employees
Network administrators rest assured that all wireless users are secure and that personal devices have been segregated from IT-owned assets.

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