Payment Gateway

Your ‘Anywhere’ Solution for Accepting Mobile Payments

Zebra Commerce mobile payment software gives you the power to process credit- and debit-card transactions – including EMV cards – on mobile devices. It’s the engine running behind the scenes of your mobile Point of Service (POS) solution connecting your business with your preferred credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions involved in processing payments. 

You Can:

  • Maintain your existing banking relationships
  • Utilize any of the major mobile operating systems including Android®, iOS®, BlackBerry®, and Windows® Mobile
  • Accept payment through EMV and non-EMV transactions with PIN support
  • Ensure the highest level of security
  • Capture customer signatures right on your mobile device (proper hardware required)
  • Offer your customers digital receipts via email or text

Security at its Best

The sensitive nature of credit and debit card information requires the highest security standards from your payment software. Zebra's mobile payment platform meets the toughest industry security standards. It's also certified by the leading authorities on security:

Back Office Features

You’ll gain greater visibility into your operations with the added features of Payment Gateway.

  • Instant sales reports
  • Merchant boarding
  • MIDs management
  • Transaction management
  • User management
  • Employee tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Instant invoice
  • Transaction history