Take the uncertainty out of implementation. Overcome the integration challenges preventing you from taking full advantage of mobile technology.  With Zebra Commerce, you’ll be able to roll out mobile innovations quickly, nimbly and cost effectively without having to overhaul your back-end systems in the process. 

Zebra and our partner network provide software integration services for your mobile applications.  From a custom transaction interface, to a legacy server, to the latest web service interface, Zebra works with you to determine the best software integration for your operations.  Our history in enterprise mobile computing helps you move from legacy technologies to the latest capabilities using our seamless migration services. 

Escape the costly trap of antiquated systems and proprietary vendors. We offer a single platform connecting all of your systems and applications to tablets, smart devices and other mobile units of your choice. You’ll have a single service provider who is fully accountable for results, ensuring you avoid the coordination costs and upgrade hassles you’d face otherwise.

Need on-site support? With our deployment services, our engineers come to you to assist with the successful installation of your solution.

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Symbol Terminal Emulator Programme (STEP-CE)

Challenged with back-end system upgrade issues?

In the very early days of radio-frequency spread spectrum mobile devices, low bandwidth, proprietary technologies ruled the landscape, particularly for proprietary terminal emulators. These emulators provided better performance for end users on slow networks, but their custom protocols have long since been forgotten, yet thousands of users are still using this platform.

One of those emulators, STEP – Symbol Terminal Emulation Programme, was developed by Symbol Technologies (now part of Motorola). Realizing this discontinued software left its customers with a problem when purchasing a Microsoft Windows CE mobile device, Symbol had STEP-CE developed for the more than 14,000+ users on three continents impacted.

Now, rather than investing in an archaic DOS environment, Zebra customers can run their existing applications on modern devices, along with their existing terminals, without application modifications. This migration path allows customers to focus their development efforts on next generation mobile applications that increase business, rather than re-writing their existing applications.