Electronic Sensor Data and Device Monitoring Tools

Diagram of how EDGE dataloggers, EDGEBridge, EDGECloud and EDGEVue app work together

Configure, Monitor and Access Data Collected

With Zebra electronic sensor data and device monitoring tools users gain on-demand access to sensor temperature and geolocation data directly from smartphones, tablets or computers. Our multi-functional applications allow users to easily gather and analyse data from Zebra electronic temperature sensors, as well as manage them by setting preferences, checking statuses and more.

Zebra electronic sensor data and device monitoring tools include: EDGEVue™ Mobile App, EDGEVue Web App, OCEABridge, EDGEConnect™ Mobile App, EDGEConnect Web Application.

  • View and Analyse Data

    Zebra portfolio of electronic temperature sensor monitoring tools makes temperature monitoring more efficient by allowing users to automate the collection and analysis of temperature readings, while gaining insights into their location, and running reports and exporting collected data. Users can access sensor information from anywhere at any time after data is uploaded to the EDGECloud.

  • Make Temperature Tracking More Cost-Effective

    Electronic sensor data and device monitoring tools connected to the EDGECloud can reduce operating costs by eliminating manual handling of temperature monitoring, data collecting and logging. Zebra gives you the ability to automatically collect and transmit sensor data and to enable visibility for a worry-free temperature-monitoring solution.

  • Simplify Electronic Sensor Management

    Make remote management of your electronic temperature sensors easy. Zebra portfolio allows you to set preferences such as alarms, datalogging intervals, startup options and time and temperature units; configure settings to meet the temperature monitoring requirements of your products; monitor sensor and equipment details and limits, view overall system health and more.

Diagram of how the EDGEVue app, M-300 sensors, EDGEBridge and EDGEConnect work together in different applications

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Screenshot of the EDGEVue mobile app

EDGEVue Mobile App

M-Series and S-Series Electronic Sensors

With the EDGEVue Mobile App, you can monitor your M-300 Series and S-400 Series electronic sensors right from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®. With this easy-to-use application you can configure preferences; track temperature, location and other sensor data; send reports and even upload data to the EDGECloud.

Screenshot of the EDGEVue web application

EDGEVue Web Application

M-Series and S-Series Electronic Sensors

The secure EDGEVue Web Application allows you to view and analyse temperature, location and any alarms uploaded from your M-Series and S-Series temperature sensors to EdgeCloud from anywhere, at any time just by using your internet browser. You can run reports and export collected data.

OCEABridge wireless gateway front view

OCEABridge Wireless Gateway

Fast Collection from Multiple Devices

The OCEABridge wireless gateway automatically collects readings from S-Series and M-Series Bluetooth Smart-enabled electronic sensors, enhancing their performance, and making it significantly easier to handle numerous fixed installations as well as high-volume shipments of temperature sensitive goods.

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