RFID Printing/Encoding

Radio frequency identification – or RFID – is an automatic identification technology that allows digital data to be encoded in an RFID tag or "smart label" and then captured by a reader using radio waves. Where barcodes on a label are scanned optically and need to be visible to the scanner to have the data captured, RFID tags and labels do not need to be seen. This makes RFID ideal in many applications where a barcode is not feasible. RFID also allows for real-time, wireless transmission of data without human intervention, making RFID ideal for situations where up-to-the-minute business intelligence is required, or in harsh environments.

A global leader in passive RFID technologies, Zebra Technologies, delivers innovative RFID printing and RFID encoding products to meet tomorrow's application needs today. Zebra leads the industry with broad product portfolio that spreads across industrial, mobile, desktop and card printers, supporting wide ranging applications across a variety of markets.

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