Kiosk Solution Increases Coupon Redemption From Single Digits to Over 55%

Beverage Promotions has been a leader in the promotions industry for more than 20 years, working with the nation's leading suppliers on developing innovative retailer integrated programming. The company launched the first online beverage Coupon Website in the marketplace and recently brought a mobile application to market.

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The Story


Beverage Promotions is continuously working to bring new solutions to its clients and their customers. Its online and mobile coupon capabilities allow customers to find desired coupons, but the company wanted to generate more demand at the store level with an in-store experience that engages end users and drives additional sales for items with rebates.

Store managers immediately recognised the benefits of producing coupons on site that customers could redeem while shopping. In addition to having a large number of coupons generated, at many locations, Beverage Promotions needed the ability to monitor and change the offerings dynamically from one central control location. 



The company approached American Barcode and RFID (AB&R) for help in bringing its idea to market. AB&R recommended a solution that combines several technologies:

  • A touch-screen computer enabled with the Touch Coupon software
  • Zebra Technologies KR203 Kiosk Printer
  • A cellular data modem for real-time communication with each of the remote locations

AB&R, a longtime Zebra partner, recommend the Zebra printer for its reliability, small footprint and flexibility to be integrated into a variety of different types of kiosks. It's also very simple to configure, load and support.

As the hosting service, AB&R serves as a single point of contact for the entire solution offering, including creation, configuration, deployment,  troubleshooting, repair and cellular data hosting powered by one of the nations' largest and most reliable 4G cellular networks.

AB&R customised the solution for each store, including shelf-mounted units that fit in a beverage end cap, stand-alone units that display the offerings available on the kiosk, and units with shelves in the design to promote the brands and products on the kiosk for the month. The Zebra KR203 flexibly installs in each configuration with just two screws.

Beverage Promotions can easily configure screens for unique designs and messaging, and build images, movies and interactive functionality. Creative file hierarchy design allows the company to guide the consumer to the right offerings.

Beverage Promotions rolled the kiosks out to 27 stores throughout Arizona and Southern California and continues to expand. Customers use the touch screen to navigate their options—a fun and interactive way to shop. They can print coupons, drink recipes, food pairing suggestions and discounts for local events.

The Zebra printer has proven to be an extremely reliable part of the solution. "We know we can count on the Zebra printers," said Gary Randall, Vice President of Solution Marketing at AB&R. "In over a year in the field, we haven't had one failure, which keeps our customers happy."


The kiosk solution drives product decisions at the point of sale, increases add-on revenue and gets messages to the end user on vendor terms. Since deploying the kiosk solution, Beverage Promotions has increased coupon redemption from the low single digits to over 55 percent.

"The ability to generate coupons on-demand while in the store has not only increased the redemption by double digits, it helps create an environment that drives both education and branding for my customers," said Matt deNicola, Beverage Promotions.

The ability to generate coupons on-demand while in the store has not only increased the redemption by double digits, it helps create an environment that drives both education and branding for my customers.

Matt deNicola, Beverage Promotions

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