Châlons-en Champagne Hospital Centre

Châlons-en Champagne Hospital Centre

LaserBand wristbands

The main priorities at the Châlons-en-Champagne Hospital Centre are to ensure the quality and safety of the care provided to patients, as well as to improve professional practices. The hospital has made the concept of identity tracking the focus of its discussions and projects. It puts this into practice mainly by using LaserBand ID wristbands, the latest solution from Zebra Technologies.

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The Story


Patient management within the hospital has made significant advances in the last few years. The course of a patient’s treatment is now characterised by the involvement of many different staff: administrative, medical and paramedical.

The growing influx of patients entails the need to guarantee their identity, as advocated by the relevant national bodies and especially by the French National Authority for Health (HAS), as part of the hospitals’ certification process.

After obtaining certification for the second time (from 2009), these recommendations led the Châlons-en-Champagne Hospital Centre to initiate an important discussion about identity tracking and to launch campaigns promoting information, awareness and support among both patients and healthcare professionals.

As part of this, the personalised wristband remains one of the most suitable means of tracking. Putting an ID wristband on every patient admitted to the hospital (medical, surgical and obstetrics departments) was one of the priority measures in the “Identity Tracking” action plan, incorporated into the overall “Safety and Quality of Care” (risk management) plan.


This project was initiated during 2010. After a 15-day trial period (in February 2011) in the Surgery Department (orthopaedics), the A&E Department and the Admissions Office, the solution was rolled out across all the Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics departments from June 2012. The patients have given a very warm welcome to this solution and feel that it has had a positive impact.

A year elapsed between the testing phase and rollout across all the departments, which allowed the centre to organise the various wards, purchase the necessary equipment (photocopiers, printers) and write all the operating procedures for identity tracking and implementing an ID wristband solution.

Overall, the project was implemented quickly, without imposing any major constraints in terms of technology. As the printing system depends on photocopiers and a printing facility, we simply had to provide the various printing areas with additional trays for inserting the sheets of labels and bands.

Florence Barbancon


Adopting this solution helps ensure the safety of patients while they are receiving care in hospital.

Benefits of the LaserBand wristbands for the health sector

Zebra offers a wide range of durable laser- and thermal-printed wristbands featuring directly printed text and barcodes, enabling patients of any age (adults, children, newborn babies) to be identified accurately during their stay in a healthcare institution.

Zebra wristband printing solutions provide immediate access to vital information right at the patient’s bedside and in every department of the hospital.

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