Stadstoezicht Rotterdam (City of Rotterdam) – Stadstoezicht of Rotterdam uses Zebra® MZ 320™ mobile printers for printing parking fines.

Stadstoezicht Rotterdam (City of Rotterdam)

Stadstoezicht of Rotterdam uses Zebra® MZ 320™ mobile printers for printing parking fines.

Stadstoezicht Rotterdam is an organisation within the Municipality of Rotterdam that performs  a wide range of city surveillance and parking control tasks. This includes parking checks, taking action against pollution in the city, enforcing the rules for Rotterdam's markets and inspecting premises. 

By the end of 2011, Rotterdam’s 600 community police officers will use Zebra’s MZ 320 printers for printing parking fines throughout in the city. This solution’s main benefit is that personnel no longer have to perform any additional related administrative tasks back at the office.  

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The Story

The Challenge

Stadstoezicht Rotterdam was looking for a versatile printing solution that was easy to adapt to the ever-changing demands and developments in the law enforcement sector. Traditional enforcement solutions were costly and adapting and updating these systems is expensive. Stadstoezicht Rotterdam needed a reliable, wireless, real-time system that was easily portable. Given that the officers generally work outdoors, a robust system was required. The mobile printers had to be able to print tickets quickly and accurately. 

The Solution

Stadstoezicht developed an open platform supporting different hardware and which could also be adapted without incurring huge costs. The software was written by Globe Software. The new system is called iTHOR: Toezicht Handhaving Opsporing & Registratie in Dutch which means 'Supervision, Enforcement, Detection & Registration.’ iTHOR has provided an easy and smart enforcement solution.

Zebra MZ 320 mobile printers with WiFi® were chosen due to their print speed and accuracy. Now 600 Rotterdam community police officers  can print directly from their iPod touch® or iPhone®.  iTHOR is made for iOS and therefore compatible for iPhone, iPad®  and iPod touch devices. It can also be adapted for Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile®. iTHOR offers a wide range of  user applications.     A central server ensures that relevant applications appear on users’ hand-held terminal screens depending on their responsibilities.  

In Rotterdam this solution is used for:

  • Checking parking payments
  • Issuing fines for illegal parking and minor traffic offences
  • Issuing fines for criminal offences
  • Monitoring illegal use of bus lanes
  • Filing reports regarding public areas relating to waste disposal, discarded shopping trolleys, pot holes in roads, broken street lights and signs
  • Printing directions to help lost pedestrians and tourists

For an illegally parked car, the officer prints out a parking fine which is then immediately registered onto the central server. This fine is then automatically transmitted to the tax and customs administration for collection. Any incorrect data will also be highlighted by the system. Tickets can only be printed and completed once all necessary details have been input. This reduces delays when fines are sent for processing. An officer’s task is then completed as he no longer has any administrative work left to do back at the office.   

Zebra's MZ 320 Printer is a fast and user-friendly device. In addition the pilot also proved to be very reliable. It helped us a lot in this project.

Tudor Krook, Head of ICT Innovation,
Stadstoezicht Rotterdam


  • The Zebra MZ 320 mobile printer with Wi-Fi configuration is    an easy-to-use, light-weight and reliable printer which is well suited to the needs of Stadstoezicht Rotterdam officers who typically work outdoors.
  • The printer produces a crisp, clear printed output meaning that fines are always legible. This benefits both officers, recipients and reduces errors overall. 
  • The printer’s ease-of-use also helps generate significant savings in resource and time.

In June 2011 75 iTHOR systems were being used by community police officers on the beat. During the final months of 2011 this system will be extended to manage minor traffic offences and administrative fines for criminal offences. By which time a total of 600 systems will have been activated, all of which will be equipped with Zebra printers.

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