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Zoo Increases Security, Streamlines Employee Timekeeping with ID Cards

Memphis Zoo increases its security and streamlines its employee timekeeping by implementing an on-demand ID card printing system from LSI and Zebra Technologies.

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The Story

The Challenge

Founded in 1906 and spanning 70 acres in the middle of Memphis' Overton Park, the Memphis Zoo is one of the finest such parks in the nation. "As a public service organisation, we wanted to increase visitor security and streamline internal operations by printing personalised staff ID badges on-site," said Jim Robbins, loss prevention manager. "For some time, we had been using a third-party vendor, which meant we had to wait for cards for new employees, and were also unable to include their photo."

The Solution

Robbins contacted Memphis-based LSI, an industry leader in security photo identification, to implement a comprehensive new badge management system consisting of a camera, customised software, card printer and replenishable printing supplies. At the heart of the system is the Zebra P110i from the Zebra Value Line of compact and affordable single-sided printers, specifically created for organisations like the Memphis Zoo working on tight budgets or with moderate printing volume. The printer pairs with Zebra's i-Series® intelligent supplies to produce high-quality printed cards and features ribbon type detection, low-ribbon warning and automatic printer configuration. Additional features include:

  • The Load-N-Go™ drop-in ribbon cartridge with integrated cleaning roller
  • LCD message display to guide printer operation
  • Integrated card output hopper that folds into the printer to avoid being lost or damaged when not in use
  • Magnetic stripe encoding

These combined features have helped reduce payroll processing time, while improving security and access control throughout the grounds.

Jim Robbins, Loss Prevention Manager,
Memphis Zoo


"Beyond enhancing security, the Zebra printer's greatest advantages are its versatility and ease of use," added Robbins. "We have approximately 200 employees, more during the spring and summer months. Although some specific employees use proximity cards for restricted areas, most have magnetic stripe cards, which are also used to collect time and attendance information for our payroll system."

"The printer lets us encode the employee information at the same time we print the card, eliminating the need for temporary badges," he continued.

"These combined features have helped reduce payroll processing time, while improving security and access control throughout the grounds."

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