Shanghai Women's Soccer

Shanghai Women's Soccer

Zebra MotionWorks<sup>TM</sup> Strategic Soccer Solution

Shanghai Women’s Soccer

Deliver real-time, accurate data that captures the action of soccer players on the field.

Zebra Solution
Zebra MotionWorks Sports Solution

The Shanghai Women’s Soccer team captures player tracking data to make informed decisions about every aspect of the game.

About Zebra MotionWorks 
Zebra MotionWorks Sports Solution is a next-generation sports statistics, event and visualization platform, enabling organisations to gain real-time player tracking insight and provide objective performance data.

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The Story

The Challenge

The Shanghai Women's Soccer team is recognised in China for being the best. With nine championship wins in the past 16 years, they have the record to prove it. When they wanted to look beyond the standard measures of performance and evaluate each athlete's abilities, they turned to Zebra Technologies Zebra MotionWorks Solution.


The discrete sensors players wear on their heart-rate belt are able to measure the fast, physical and constantly moving game of soccer. As these highly competitive athletes train hard at the Shanghai Soccer Management Centre, coaches collect, archive and analyze key performance data to make game-changing decisions.

The Shanghai Soccer Management Centre receives precise player tracking information from Zebra MotionWorks, such as location, speed, distance and heart rate, in real time. The data is run through an algorithm that provides the team with a more thorough understanding of each player’s abilities.


Today, the Shanghai Women's team has more effective training sessions. Coaches have greater visibility into player dynamics, and they can customise workouts to focus on speed, agility and other crucial aspects of the game.

Zebra MotionWorks converts the physical movement of players to digital data intelligence, which enables a transparent picture of the Shanghai Women’s Soccer team’s Visible Value Chain™, so they can make smarter decisions based on meaningful data.

Using Zebra’s extensive portfolio of visibility solutions incorporating RFID and location systems, Zebra and their global network of partners help leaders across all organisations and industries create their own Visible Value Chain. Zebra MotionWorks Solution and the Shanghai Women’s soccer team’s new Visible Value Chain is one more way that Zebra is introducing the Internet of Things to the world.  

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