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Today's omnichannel retailers face more complicated challenges than ever. But Zebra, the worldwide leader in retail innovation, is here to take them head-on. With our Innovative Price Management Execution and Action Manager services, we remove some of the biggest challenges from the retail space.

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Price Management Execution

Putting Higher Profits and Efficiency Within Reach

A solid pricing strategy can make or break a retailer. But if you're strategizing with outdated methods like legacy Business lntelligence or unstructured data, or even just trusting your gut, you're really just rolling the dice. You need a way to remove the risk from your reward.

Retailers lose up to 35% of profit opportunities due to labour constraints and inefficient price management strategies.

That's why Zebra is here to revolutionise retail. Zebra's Price Management Execution uses Revionics competitive pricing strategy to give retailers deeper insight and analytics so you can optimise pricing for improved revenue, margin and unit sales.

But only helping you plan would be a half measure. Zebra's Price Management Execution also includes the tools you need to ensure compliance as employees execute price changes in-store—optimising the physical price changing process and giving you visibility into every scan, print and POS price alteration—ensuring corporate's pricing strategies are implemented.

Uses Revionics competitive pricing strategy

Allows you to optimise your pricing for improved revenue, margin and unit sales

Optimises and gives corporate visibility into the physical price change process, increasing efficiency abd ensuring compliance

Action Manager

Turn Analytics Into Action

Retailers collect massive amounts of big data every day - from sales to inventory to purchasing patterns and shopping trends. But it's not enough to have data - you need to know how to use it to your advantage.

That's where Zebra comes in. Zebra's Action Manager gives retailers visibility into their operations data, analysing it with Profitect’s powerful software that delivers only the most important insights.  That means instead of sifting through piles of vague and nonessential information, you get right to the good stuff. And because Action Manager translates insights into actions and sends them directly to managers in real-time, you won't have to wait to see improvements in sales, operations and profitability.

Analyses your retail data to deliver the most essential insights

Tells your managers what actions to take to make the most out of those insights... in real time

Learns to refine insights over time by constantly compiling your data

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