Last Mile Delivery

Meet Your Customer's Last Mile Delivery Needs

Ensure flawless fulfilment from your warehouse to your customer's door by maximising visibility into every leg of the journey—including that challenging last mile delivery—whether you own your fleet or rely on third parties to deliver your customer orders.

From proactive route planning to final proof of delivery, your fleet will master last mile logistics and operate at optimal efficiency to deliver fast and on time with Zebra's rugged, purpose-built hardware, partner software and innovative solutions.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Postal and Courier

Provide your customers with visibility from pick-up to delivery and ensure that the right package gets to the right person at the right time without errors.

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Fleet Management

Keep your fleet on the road with proactive maintenance, route optimisation and compliance checks by keeping all your assets and people connected.

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Yard Management

Reduce wait times and increase throughput with real-time locationing to identify, prioritise and keep track of each trailer or container in your yard.

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Staff Communications

Provide your workforce with reliable, rugged voice and data communication devices that increase productivity and promote safe and efficient workflows.

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optimising E-commerce fulfilment

Learn how e-commerce leaders are leveraging the latest innovations to optimise their fulfilment centres and fleet and delivery systems—from equipping workers with mobile devices that enhance speed, accuracy and productivity, to the Internet of Things (IoT) and radio frequency identification technology (RFID) devices that drive real-time inventory and asset visibility.

Let Zebra Design a Last Mile Delivery Solution To Meet Your Needs