Healthcare Solutions


Redefining Healthcare Visibility

Healthcare staff and administration need real-time visibility to make the best decisions in all areas of the healthcare facility. Zebra's solutions provide the needed visibility to enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and optimise your IT investment.  

With the goal to streamline supply chain processes and reduce overall healthcare costs, our solutions make it possible to automate management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare providers. Zebra's healthcare tools also enhance clinical performance and improve the delivery of care.

With our broad range of resources, including solutions for medication administration, specimen collection, patient ID, remote patient monitoring and more, your organisation has the visibility, information and security you need anytime, anywhere.

"We're trying to break down all the barriers to getting patients from the door to the bed and in front of the physicians as rapidly as possible." 

-Thomas Rounds, Director, Emergency Department, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland, Vermont

Enhance Patient Care

Make an informed decision with secure and accurate patient information.
Caregivers can verify medication, access patient records, order tests, collect specimens and more – right from the patient’s bedside using Zebra's mobile applications running over a wireless network.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Connect caregivers, streamline workflows and track patient progress, equipment, facilities and costs effectively.
You need to know what you have, where you have it and where it needs to go. Zebra’s systems streamline workflows, inventory and asset tracking, virtually eliminating human error while providing instant, detailed records of the movement of your staff, patients and assets.

Optimise IT Operations

Provide a secure network with easy-to-deploy applications.
Mobile devices are only as good as the network they run on. Zebra's wireless LAN solution provides secure and reliable mobile voice and data access for healthcare staff, patients and visitors. Our software offerings also enable IT departments to manage devices for optimal efficiency and maximize ROI.




The Future of Healthcare

The future of technology in Healthcare goes beyond the EHR and gives patients and assets a digital footprint


Supply Chain Management

Automate asset management to make sure that you always have the right supplies, equipment and medications on hand.


WLAN Connectivity & Network Assurance

Deliver high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity in your facility.


Positive Patient ID & Mobility  

Scan a specimen order, the patient wristband and the specimen label container for a three-way check.


Location Solutions

Utilize RTLS to track the movements of your staff and provide helpful workflow enhancements.


Visitor/Patient Wi-Fi Hotspots 

Facilitate the on-boarding and management of visitor/patient devices to provide easy and secure access to the wireless network.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor a patient’s condition and the status of equipment from the halls to the patient's bedside. 


Staff Communications

Improve staff dialogue, share data, and streamline diagnosis and treatment.


Internet of Things (Zatar)

See all of your devices and easily connect them to the Internet using a cloud-based infrastructure.


Pharmacy Management

Medications are scanned to immediately verify and record medication dispensing, as well as check the NDC number against the prescription order to ensure the correct medication in the correct dosage is administered to the correct patient.


Laboratory Management

Hospitals and independent labs improve specimen identification accuracy and tracking efficiency with Zebra Laboratory Management Solutions. By barcoding all samples and aliquots either at the bedside or in the lab, manual data entry is eliminated and in turn errors are drastically eliminated while cutting costs and saving time.


Medication Administration

Enable nurses to administer medication more quickly and accurately, helping to avoid costly errors.

Let Zebra help you design a solution to meet your needs.