Mobile healthcare solutions enable you to capture, analyse, track, share and act on that real-time data from anywhere and at anytime.


    View our infographic outlining some of the patient identification challenges mobile printing can help to overcome in healthcare facilities.

  • The costs of incorrect patient ID in healthcare

    Mistakes in busy hospital facilities are unavoidable, but the implications of errors in patient identification can be fatal, and very costly from a financial perspective.

  • The case for mobile healthcare printing

    The wide-ranging benefits mobile healthcare printing can bring, and what you need to consider from an enterprise resource planning perspective moving forward.

Guide to mobile healthcare printing solutions

This guide explores how mobile printing helps to ensure safer, higher quality patient care, outlining the risks inherent in hospitals and the facts about medical identification.

Mobile healthcare printing: the modern way

An article examining the advantages of mobile printing in terms of patient safety and business practice, and how patients, staff and stakeholders can reap the benefits.

Moving to the Zebra QLn Series

Zebra’s mobile healthcare printing solutions in easily digestible infographic format. See how our solutions can help you to achieve your patient safety goals.

‘Putting patient safety first: a day in the life…’

Review a typical working day in the life of a staff nurse, and how mobile healthcare printing solutions can make her life easier and improve patient safety.

Zebra Technologies QLn Series datasheet

An introduction to these Zebra Technologies mobile healthcare printers including key features, applications and technical specifications.

Printing at point-of-care expert guide

A practical guide to the options available in mobile healthcare printing today, including wireless solutions that improve safety and energy-saving power management solutions.