Staff Communications


Connect Caregivers to Improve Performance

Ensure that medical staff can connect instantly with each other to share critical information. Zebra's wireless networks and mobile devices ensure that records are accurate, research is readily available, and diagnosis and treatment are streamlined and conducted effectively.

Respond Promptly to Patients Needs

With a direct link to patients, healthcare workers can address issues quickly, resulting in better care and higher patient satisfaction.

Improve Productivity

Integrated voice and data mobile device can save two to six hours per week, increasing staff efficiency and job satisfaction.

Connect Staff 

With always WLAN connectivity, your staff can collaborate more effectively and quickly.

Let Zebra help you design a solution to meet your needs.

Recommended Components for Staff Communications

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community, and the best partner network to implement and service.


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Your healthcare staff wants the latest in mobile technology and a device that is as fun and easy to use as their own smartphone. Your healthcare organisation requires an enterprise-class feature set, from data capture and security to manageability and dependably robust wireless connections. Get it all with the MC40-HC.

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Improve patient safety and staff productivity with the affordable, wearable SB1. With a task management application, you can distribute personal dynamic task lists that keep staff focused on the right assignments. Barcode scanning helps streamline task execution and improve task accuracy, from equipment and building maintenance to inventory management and patient transport. And with push-to-talk, workers can easily get an instant answer to an urgent question.




Workforce Connect improves the effectiveness of communication capabilities for mobile workers inside and outside the organisation. By creating software and systems for enterprise voice, text messaging and video communications across multiple media types on unified mobile devices, mobile workers can access crucial business data as well as communicate more efficiently.

Wireless Lan

Zebra’s expertly configured WLAN solutions unleash optimal in the performance of your networks, devices and applications, optimizing these interconnections with the broadest portfolio of voice, data and video solutions.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.

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