Laboratory Management

healthcare provider scanning patient vile for laboratory management

Successful Laboratory Management Starts with Accurate Tracking 

Processing specimens is an essential part of making a critical diagnosis. Poor laboratory inventory management can lead to mistakes that create the need for samples to be retaken and re-evaluated, wasting time the patient may not have. Zebra's laboratory printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimise laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.

Improve Patient Safety

Proven solutions that can label and positively identify patient specimens reduce the risk of misidentifying a sample.

Enhance Productivity

With a robust selection of solution components, the lab staff can utilise a variety of Zebra products that fit best with their workflow and volume.

Track Lab Samples

Staff can rapidly and accurately identify lab samples, reducing search time and allowing more time for analysis.

healthcare provider scanning specimen label for laboratory management

Closing the Loop of Patient Safety with Barcode labelling

Sample identification errors can create serious risk to patient safety. Understand how labelling best practices provide benefits to both the patient and the lab.

Build Your Laboratory Management Solution


Print and scan sample, shipping and specimen labels with unique hardware solutions designed specifically for the demands of the busiest healthcare labs.


Communicating across multiple devices leads to confusion. Zebra software allows healthcare professionals to do everything they need with one device, keeping co-workers in touch and on the same page.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.


Zebra has all the barcode labelling supplies your healthcare printers need to keep things organised and accurately identified.

Zebra will help you design a Laboratory Management Solution to meet your needs for today and tomorrow