Positive Patient Identification

healthcare patient wristband for positive patient identification

Improve Care with Positive Patient Identification

From admission to discharge, Zebra's patient identification solutions allow you to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey. Zebra can help you minimise errors and protect patient rights with solutions that integrate wristband printers, label printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Patient Safety Assured

Hospital wristbands printed at admission ensure positive patient identification for every interaction.

Improve Patient Information Visibility

Give caregivers access to the information they need at the point of care, so they can make the best decision for their patients.

Integrate Patient Records

Patient identification solutions enable medical staff to easily add information to a patient's electronic health record.

See How Zebra is Innovating Patient Identity Management

healthcare provider scanning patient wristband using a zebra healthcare scanner

Wristband Identification Helps Save Lives

See how a medical centre uses Zebra positive patient identification to dramatically reduce human error and improve patient outcomes.

zebra mobile printer printing a healthcare label

minimise Errors, optimise Outcomes

Zebra's barcode solutions help enable accurate specimen, medication and patient identity.

healthcare provider using a zebra healthcare scanner

Improving Patient Safety

The DS8100-HC handheld scanner is purpose-built for healthcare environments, with a smooth disinfectant ready design that provides maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.

Build Your Patient Identification Solution


Zebra's advanced hospital wristband printers and scanners allow healthcare professionals to verify patient identity and information, from intake through diagnosis and treatment.


Deploy, manage and monitor Zebra printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network with Zebranet Bridge Enterprise, so you can add printers anywhere and anytime you need them.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.


Zebra has printable hospital wristbands for all your healthcare needs, from flexible options that put patient comfort first, to durable, self-laminating, laser-printed wristbands that keep essential information at hand.

Let Zebra Design a Patient Identification Solution to Meet Your Needs