Communication Devices for Hospitality

hotel staff waiting to greet guests in the lobby

Increase Staff Productivity and Improve Service

If you want repeat business, you’ve got to provide optimal service to guests. That means everything from an expeditious hotel check-in, fast restaurant recommendations or even a tightly scheduled room cleaning to accommodate guests.

Zebra's hospitality communication devices incorporate mobile computers with push-to-talk and VoIP capabilities to empower your workers and offer superior service. Front desk check-in lines will be shorter. Your concierge staff will be ready and able to respond promptly to the needs of guests. Your housekeeping staff can be deployed when and where they are needed most.

Staff Communications

To keep operations running effectively, managers need to coordinate employees’ work in real time and require access to business systems, voicemail and email no matter where they are on the property. Without this, managers must spend much of the day tethered to a desk rather than freely moving around the property, supervising employees and helping guests.

Workforce Connect

Make walkie talkies a thing of the past. With Zebra’s mobile computers and Workforce Connect software, managers and staff can communicate clearly and reliably, and access applications with the device best suited to their job function. The entire team can share information for better decisions and respond to changing conditions and evolving priorities to quickly meet the needs of demanding guests.


Raise Staff Productivity with Workforce Connect

See first-hand how Workforce Connect can enhance productivity with your staff and keep your operation running seamlessly.

Build Your Hospitality Communications Solution


Zebra’s advanced mobile computers empower your hotel and restaurant staff to offer superior guest service.


Zebra’s powerful software solutions deliver all the communication functions your staff need to provide guests with better service.


Zebra services provide support for you at every step of the implementation of your hospitality technology solution.

Let Zebra Enable your Staff to Provide Superior Service to Every Guest, Every Time