Staff Communications

optimal service to guests

Increase Productivity and Improve Service

If you want repeat business, you’ve got to provide optimal service to guests. That means everything from an expeditious check-in, fast restaurant recommendations or even a tightly scheduled room cleaning to accommodate guests.

Zebra's staff communications solutions incorporate mobile computer technology and Workforce Connect voice applications that empower your staff to offer superior service. Front desk check-in lines will be shorter. Your concierge staff will be ready and able to respond promptly to the needs of guests. Your housekeeping staff can be deployed when and where they are needed most.

Smoother Operations

To keep operations running effectively, managers need to coordinate employees’ work in real time and require access to business systems, voicemail and email no matter where they are on the property. Without this, managers must spend much of the day tethered to a desk rather than freely moving around the property, supervising employees and helping guests. 

communicate clearly

With mobile computers and Zebra’s Workforce Connect software, managers and staff can communicate clearly and reliably, and access applications with the device best suited to their job function. The entire team can share information for better decisions and respond to changing conditions and evolving priorities to quickly meet the needs of demanding guests.

Faster Results

  • Increase productivity with access to task and business management systems
  • Facilitate communications for all workers, cost effectively
  • Efficiently manage the workforce
  • Minimise infrastructure expenses by leveraging your existing systems

Recommended components for Staff Communication

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community and the best partner network to implement and service.


Empower associates to help a customer make a buying decision, place an order for delivery or pickup, or ring up a sale — all without walking away. The MC40’s sleek design rivals the most popular consumer-style products on the outside and is pure business on the inside with enterprise-class durability and security.

Help your employees better serve customers with a rugged, handheld computer that lets them communicate and get information in real time. They’ll appreciate the Android™ operating system, touch panel and data capture capabilities, and you’ll appreciate the enterprise-class security.


Free your workforce from their desk phones with the Workforce Connect Voice client for Zebra mobile computers. No matter where your staff is inside your facility, they can access crucial business data, and place and receive PBX phone calls with comprehensive desk-phone functionality, using their mobile computers.

Deployed with a simple software download and set-up, Workforce Connect PTT Express is the fast, easy, cost-effective way to enable push-to-talk communications amongst multiple, disparate devices, including Zebra voice-capable mobile computers and barcode scanners, and enterprise voice devices.

Overcome the challenges of preparing devices for use with StageNow. There's no need to manually initialise your settings and applications, or enrol devices in your Mobile Device Management solution, making it easy for organisations of all sizes to stage a handful or thousands of Android devices with a quick scan of a barcode or tap on an NFC tag.

You want to use Android devices in your enterprise, but Android was built for the consumer world — until now. Add a layer of features that are missing in mobile devices that run standards Android™, features that make our Android-based mobile computers truly enterprise-ready.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.