Wireless Hospitality Solutions

Build a Better Experience

Keep Your Staff and Guests Connected

Empower your IT department to implement secure, robust and reliable communications systems. Zebra’s wireless LAN solutions provide the secure access associates depend on and the bandwidth hotel and restaurant guests expect -- whether inside or outdoors.

They keep your networks running and allow businesses to scale in size, bandwidth and security as they grow. Zebra can build a better experience for your guests by providing content and offers directly to their smartphones or other mobile devices.

stable wireless network

Your guests and staff expect access to a secure, stable wireless network. Employees need to connect to business applications from anywhere on the property. Guests want to work, surf and post to social media. You need to keep business-critical data separate and safe, and would like to send information and personalised promotions to your guests' smartphones

running and secure

Keep your networks running and secure. Provide access for your staff and the wireless connectivity that guests expect. And, take it a step further when you use our MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing to send targeted mobile messages, through a combination of Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technology, to enhance guest experience.

Expect Results

  • Upgrade communications capability easily and affordably
  • Enable your staff to securely use a variety of reliable, service-enhancing devices, and support employee BYOD programmes
  • Offer shoppers easy access to wireless connectivity
  • Earn loyalty and repeat visits with improved service

Recommended Components for Wireless Communications

Zebra wireless LAN provides greater scalability, performance and security for your hotel or restaurant. Each solution combines industry-leading hardware, custom software from our App Development Community, and the best partner network to implement and service.


AP 6511 Access Point

Designed to reduce the costs of deployment and maintenance, our wireless access point technology ensures enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment.

T5 Wi-Fi Over VLDSL2 System

Give your guests the high-speed in-room dependable Wi-Fi connection they crave for all their mobile devices.

AP 7502 Access Point

This compact access point is 40 percent smaller than its nearest competitor, but still delivers big performance. Just 3.5” x 3.7” (90mm x 95mm), the AP 7502 can fit onto any Cat5e wall plate via the global mounting bracket, allowing you to leverage your existing infrastructure.

AP 7532 Access Point

The AP 7532 802.11ac access point adds bandwidth and performance to your network — a must for supporting high-density traffic from laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices — while delivering advanced security options.

AP 6522 Access Point

Designed for small offices and retail locations, the AP 6522 can handle the increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled devices and bandwidth heavy applications connecting to your wireless network.

AP 7562 Access Point

The AP 7562 is a WiNG-enabled outdoor rugged 802.11ac Mesh Access Point designed to provide high performance wireless networks connectivity under challenging climate and landscape conditions.


WLAN Management and Security

The WLAN security and management applications in this powerful suite work together to provide you network design, device management, monitoring and analysis, along with security features to plan, deploy and protect your network.

Network Design Software

Maximize the performance of your indoor and outdoor wireless LAN networks while minimizing infrastructure costs with planning tools that factor in the unique challenges of the different environments.

Wing Express Portfolio

WiNG Express is a powerful, enterprise-class WLAN operating system. Its easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface makes end-to-end WLAN management easy for smaller businesses — no IT department required.

Proximity Awareness and Analytics

Drive real-time guest engagement and improve service delivery with WLAN-based presence, locationing and analytics tools.


Zebra Services

Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.



The MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing is the only indoor locationing platform to unify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology to capture more analytics, accuracy and insight.