Asset Visibility

Know in real-time the quantity, location and condition of all your essential assets – and the best path to get them to where they are needed – with Zebra's Visible Value Chain solution for asset visibility. Asset management is simplified with RFID and RTLS technology that turns the physical into the digital for accurate inventory and location information that helps your organisation save considerable time and money.

Efficient Operations

No downtime when key assets are where they need to be, on time.

Automate Process

Eliminate manual audits with real-time, automatic status updates.

Smart Planning

Improve management of assets with usage analysis and condition reports.

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Solution Applications

Rack & Container Tracking

Zebra's rack and container tracking solution offer container owners an operational efficient and effective method of managing their fleet of racks, improved rack visibility for better management of highly complex manufacturing operations and reduced total cost of ownership of their rack fleets.

Die Tracking

Zebra's Die Tracking solution uses real-time visibility to reduce search time and optimise storage location to keep the stamping press running.


Personnel Visibility

Large industrial sites - including refineries, chemical or steel plants - are under increasing pressure to meet strict, effective and auditable worker safety practices. With Zebra's location technologies personnel visibility systems from Zebra, you can know where your employees are located at all times and be able to quickly muster your employees in an emergency. Auditing reports are generated quickly and easily whenever needed.


Hardware & Software


Zebra delivers real-time visibility with Dart Ultra Wideband Solutions – an RTLS tracking system that allows for a myriad of asset management applications. Accurately track personnel and equipment indoors and out. The Dart system provides the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry by improving installation ease, visibility, scalability, performance, asset tracking and tag management.

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RTLS Software

Zebra's software solutions support and enhance our real-time locating systems, Dart Ultra Wideband and WhereNet, providing your organisation with real-time asset and performance intelligence for smarter decision making.

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Success Stories

Washington Hospital Centre

Real-time asset tracking drives emergency care goals.

RTLS Solutions Provides Precise Tool Tracking

Leading aerospace manufacturer saves time, reduces expenses.

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