Inventory Tracking

Zebra's Visible Value Chain solution for inventory and finished goods tracking provides the detailed information needed by manufacturers, distributors and service companies.  This visibility lets you know in real time the arrival, dwell and departure times for every asset throughout the off-line and finished goods processes, and creates a complete history for each asset. See new value for your continuous improvement practices.

Real-Time Efficiency

Real-time asset tracking to within meters eliminates search times.

Smart Planning

Detailed histories for each asset aids in quality assurance monitoring.

Optimise Planning

Accurate analytics allow for monitoring and constant refining of processes.

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Solution Applications

Vehicle Tracking & Management

Track, measure and manage vehicles through off-line processes and testing anywhere within your facility – both indoors and out – with Zebra's Vehicle Tracking and Management solution.


Raw Material Tracking

Understanding what comes into your facility, when and how makes the difference between meeting your business goals and customer satisfaction. Zebra's real-time solutions enable automated visibility and monitoring.


Hardware & Software


Zebra delivers real-time visibility with Dart Ultra Wideband Solutions – an RTLS tracking system that allows for a myriad of asset management applications. Accurately track personnel and equipment indoors and out. The Dart system provides the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry by improving installation ease, visibility, scalability, performance, asset tracking and tag management.

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The WhereNet real-time locating system (RTLS) provides the longest range RTLS capabilities and performance in all environments, including complex and hazardous ones. WhereNet's long tag-to-sensor range allows you to have real-time visibility and status information on your assets with a cost-effective RTLS network infrastructure.

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RTLS Software

Zebra's software solutions support and enhance our real-time locating systems, Dart Ultra Wideband and WhereNet, providing your organisation with real-time asset and performance intelligence for smarter decision making.

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Success Stories

Ford Motor Company

Company-wide real-time location system drives efficiency at ford motor company.


Carfinder: real-time vehicle tracking for Audi using IBM and zebra technologies.

RLTS Solutions Provides Precise Tool Tracking

Leading aerospace manufacturer saves time, reduces expenses.

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