Actionable Analytics

Take Advantage of your Data.

Unparalleled visibility into every corner of your operations provides you with customer insights and intelligence that help you grow your bottom line and maximise efficiencies. Zebra's data capture and analytics capabilities allow you to develop innovative ways of exceeding customer expectations and deliver a competitive advantage.

Analytics Solutions

Asset & Operational Visibility Services

Gain device insight to increase productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

Your ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks depend on how effectively you use your devices. With Zebra's visibility services, you can maximise your usage by making the most out of what you have. Save time locating devices, reduce downtime with diagnostic insight, and lower costs with accurate usage information.

Zatar for Retail

Drive innovative customer experiences with the IoT.

Connected devices and new technologies are driving the future of supply chain and customer experiences in retail industries. Zatar allows you to easily connect and collaborate with other enterprise applications and assets to quickly create meaningful solutions that can be controlled with a wide variety of tools to help optimise efficiency and improve customer experiences.

Self-Directed Inventory Solution

Inventory numbers delivered to you, without the overhead.

Zebra's innovative self-directed inventory solution offers 98% accuracy and provides everything you need to easily and cost-effectively conduct in-store inventory and cycle counts without third-party intrusion.

Zebra will help you make smarter decisions with the data available at your fingertips.